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Recording Studio Services

At our professional recording studio, Mammoth Sound Studio, we offer high-quality music production services, including recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, as well as rehearsal space and more. A variety of services specifically designed to help artists achieve exceptional recordings. Our music producer, Sam, will closely collaborate throughout the recording process to capture your artistic vision in the final product.

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Music Production


In our music production studio, Mammoth Sound Studio, we offer a full range of music production services, including:

Every good record has an experienced producer behind it. Someone that can understand and enhance the artist’s vision. Someone that can craft the record to maximise its impact and ensure the story is being told. Sam has worked with artists all over the world helping them to develop their songs, getting them ready for the studio and helping capture them in the most appropriate way.

The most important work in creating a cohesive record is the pre-production. This process hones in on every minute detail of the song, putting the arrangement under a microscope to ensure it will deliver in the intended way once recorded. Sam has a wealth of experience in this area and will work with you to get the most out of your music.

Mammoth Sound Studio is purpose-built for recording. The acoustic in the live room is incredible for drums, acoustic and electric ensembles alike. Its industry-leading virtual microphone locker gives you access to almost any vintage or modern mic you can think of. The beautiful hardwood floor gives the room a richness and warmth that cannot be found in any other studio in the region. It also has an extensive locker of the highest quality sample libraries allowing you to supplement any project with fullness and depth well beyond the character of the recording itself.

Rather than having an analogue console and being tied to that console’s sound, Mammoth Sound Studio offers the finest virtual consoles available. So whether you’re after the warmth of Neve, the punch of API or the clarity of SSL, it can all be achieved. The purpose-built control room and variety of near-field and mid-field monitors, combined with subwoofers for clean low end reproduction make Mammoth Sound Studio ideal for mixing and mastering any style of music. The combination of the highest quality virtual consoles and tape machines combined with Neve analogue summing and some well-chosen hardware will give enough vibe to any record.

Of course, all of this work can be done remotely. Mammoth Sound Studio’s mixing and mastering services are available online to anyone around the world.

Do you need to record vocals? Mammoth Sound Studio has a dedicated vocal booth specifically designed for the job. It’s ideal for voiceover and audiobook work as well as tracking vocals. Of course, the extensive virtual mic locker is available, so we can find a mic that perfectly suits the tone of your voice.

If you’re looking for the perfect location to rehearse then look no further. Mammoth Sound Studio’s live room sounds beautiful and is equally suited to acoustic and electric groups and ensembles. And if you need some additional guidance to prepare for your next show, we can also offer you musical direction. We have extensive experience in live performance across the full spectrum of popular and traditional music, so if you need some professional assistance we’d love to support you.

Other Services

Dolby Atmos
Music Production

¡Dolby Atmos recording studio! Additionally, we specialise in Dolby Atmos music production, an incredible immersive audio format that utilises the most innovative technologies. Moreover, our Atmos Sound production services feature a highly skilled team. As for our cutting-edge facilities, they ensure that every note reaches new heights of immersive music and sound quality.

Servicios de Producción Musical en Dolby Atmos

Other Services

Music Mastering for iTunes & Apple Music

At Mammoth Sound Studio, we take pride in having Apple Certified Engineers, enabling us to offer exclusive mastering services for iTunes and Apple Music as official Apple providers. Our commitment to audio excellence and adherence to Apple Digital Masters standards ensures that your music achieves its highest quality on these prestigious platforms. Trust our specialised team to enhance your musical work and elevate it to new levels of quality recognised by Apple.

Mammoth Sound Studio

Music Production Services

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Other Services

Recording Studio Rental

At Mammoth Sound Studio, we offer a professional recording space for composition retreats. Designed to inspire, we provide artists with a unique environment in the beautiful city of Cáceres, Spain. Our music recording studio is equipped with the latest technologies to bring your music to life and help you push your creativity to new horizons. Moreover, our highly skilled technicians will provide the necessary support to achieve exceptional sound. In summary, at Mammoth Sound Studio, we offer you all the tools to achieve your artistic and musical goals.

Other Services

Training and Music Production Courses

We offer a variety of educational services, such as personalised coaching, group workshops, and online music production courses. This enables students to learn from anywhere and at their own pace. Moreover, we tailor the lessons to their needs and abilities, encouraging experiential learning and collaboration in our group workshops. Additionally, our online courses are flexible and accessible, allowing for musical development without time or location constraints. At Mammoth Sound Studio, we are passionate about providing versatile and effective educational options for all music enthusiasts.

Servicios de Formación y Cursos de Producción Musical Mammoth Sound Studio
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