Music Mastering for iTunes and Apple Music

An Official Apple Digital Masters Provider

Make your music stand out with Mammoth Sound Studio, your professional recording studio for achieving audio excellence! As certified Apple Digital Masters, we specialise in mastering your tracks for iTunes and Apple Music, ensuring that every note resonates with the utmost quality. At Mammoth Sound Studio, we transform your creations into unparalleled sonic experiences. Explore more about our work as certified Apple Digital Masters engineers below.

Music Mastering for iTunes and Apple Music - Certified Engineer - Official Apple Digital Masters Provider

Music Mastering for
iTunes & Apple Music

Explore the Premium Music Mastering Experience on iTunes and Apple Music with Mammoth Sound Studio, Certified Engineers of Apple Digital Masters.

We're thrilled to announce that Mammoth Sound Studio is now an official Apple Digital Masters provider!

Apple Digital Masters is Apple’s gold standard for music quality on iTunes and Apple Music. It ensures that only music mastered by approved engineers, like ours, receives the coveted Apple Digital Masters badge. The latest Apple encoder maximises the potential of high-resolution masters, delivering a virtually indistinguishable listening experience from the original 24-bit studio master. Additionally, Apple provides lossless versions using the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC).

  • · High-Resolution Source Material: We use high-resolution audio files during mastering for maximum detail and quality preservation.
  • · Guidelines for Mastering: Our process optimises audio for digital distribution, adhering to peak levels, true peak levels, and avoiding techniques that may compromise sound quality.
  • · Metadata Standards: We strictly adhere to metadata standards for accurate track information on the iTunes Store and Apple Music.

Precision Crafting: Elevating Your Music Experience on Apple Platforms.

By following Apple's guidelines, we craft master files optimised for digital formats, offering listeners a premium experience on Apple's platforms. The program ensures audio fidelity to the original artistic intent, providing an unparalleled listening experience on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Learn more about Apple Digital Masters here.

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